3 Steps to update your Pinterest Profile

Do you want to harness your Pinterest site to drive traffic to your website and thus gain more client, but you don’t know where to start? I’m here to help! Here are three easy steps to update your Pinterest profile. ONE – Personal vs. Business:  This is obvious – if you are in business to […]

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tailwindapp - best tool ever to save time posting to pinterest by women who execute

Tailwindapp for Pinterest

There is truly nothing better than Tailwindapp for your business. It works to help you pin to Pinterest on a consistent (driplike) way so that you don’t spend anytime on Pinterest, but get a ton of traffic to your website. You can try it free below, but the paid version is only $9.99/month paid annually. […]

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How to create an ideal client or avatar_

How to create an ideal client or avatar​

This is one of the first things you should do whe you decide you are going to sell a product or service! Creating an Ideal Client or Avatar (we’ll call it a IC) is important for three reason: You can’t start posting on Social Media or your website until you know who you are speaking […]

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Hi I’m Jen!

Hi I’m Jen! I run a wedding photography business  (Jen Vazquez Photography).  I recently just started this business called Women Who Execute, helping people to plan, priority, and execute! I was a division director at a national recruiting company for over 15 years before I left to start my wedding photography business.  In that position […]

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